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Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Thu Aug 26 14:08:09 BST 2010

Thank you for these comments, André, I have updated the wiki page with some

On 26 August 2010 13:43, André Riedel <riedel.andre at gmail.com> wrote:

> The word 'generator:' is better than 'power:', but it is still not
> easy for me to tag a heating (only) station with power=generator.
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:power=generator
> >>A place where electrical power is generated. A power station, turbine or
> other form of electrical generator.<<

I think I might just change that description to avoid confusion. As
previously discussed, it would get very complicated if we tried to keep
electrical generators separate from other kinds of energy generators, and
changing the tag to "energy=generator" would put it out of sync with the
other power tags.

> > The output rating (generator:rating)
> Which rating should be tagged if it is a cogenerating plant?
> Electricity only? Heat and Electricity?

That's a good point. It keeps getting more complicated! Perhaps we should
say that it should be the combined rating for now. Providing the means to
tag the separate outputs for a trigeneration plant could get very messy!

> > The source of energy used (generator:source)
> Combined with 'generator:method=fission' you have to add 'uranium_235'.
> If change the whole system, please add 'wood', 'wood_pellet',
> 'diesel', 'crude_oil'.

I thought about that for values like "biomass" and "biofuel". Again, it is
perhaps getting more detailed than we need in OSM. After all, "wood" could
be broken down into any number of sources such as "coppiced_FSC_wood" and
"waste_municipal_tree_cuttings" :-)

> > The type of energy generated (generator:output)
> Whats about 'vacuum' and 'compressed_air'?

Yes, I will add them.

> > The method of generation (generator:method)
> Looks good, but which method to choose for an hydro, tidal, wave or an
> osmotic power plant? What should I use for 'generator:source'?
> Gravitation, Moon, Weather, Water, Salt?
Quite often the generator:method will be implied by the generator:source and
sometimes also the generator:output. For instance, tag a power=generator
with generator:source=nuclear and we can reasonably infer that the method is
fission and the output electricity. So for tidal, hydro, wave etc. I would
say it is safely inferred.

If anyone is knowledgeable about the different methods by which tidal, wave
and hydro power technologies convert to electricity then by all means add
them to the method table. I confess I know very little about that!

As for your proposed sources, you've gone back one step too far! The table
shows values for hydro, tidal and wave.


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