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On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 4:25 PM, Peter Wendorff
<wendorff at uni-paderborn.de> wrote:
> My approach would be - and I would like to get your opinions on that:
> - a sidewalk is tagged like every other footway
>   highway=footway|path
>   (foot=yes)
>   (segregated=yes|no)
>   footway=sidewalk
> contra arguments:
> - renderers possibly render more than one name for one street. To solve that
> a simple rule could be added to the rendering styles to avoid naming of
> footway=sidewalk.
> - a little bit error prone as redundant with name tags.
> Pro arguments from my point of view:
> - no geometric analysis necessary (finding parallel streets to unnamed
> footways)
> - simple to apply even without deeper knowledge of editors; could even be
> given as training task for new mappers ;)
> - existance of footways in the editor is obvious (in contrary to tagging
> sidewalks as tags at the street)

Makes sense to me.  You might consider one minor modification, though:
maybe we could add a couple of disambiguation words to the name for
sidewalks.  For example, an east-west street called Drury Lane might
have sidewalks called Drury Lane North Sidewalk and Drury Lane South
Sidewalk.  This disambiguates the sidewalks from the street and from
each other.

Some other points that may well have already crossed your mind:

* If a street has its sidewalks mapped separately, the street itself
should probably be tagged with foot=no.

* This provides an opportunity to characterize each sidewalk/street
crossing (crosswalk).  On the node where they intersect, tags could be
used to indicate whether there is a dedicated crosswalk signal tied to
the traffic signal, or if the traffic signal implicitly governs the
crosswalk too, or if there is no such signal.  There can be tagging
for audible signals.  Of course, if there simply is no crosswalk on
that side of the intersection, then the sidewalk shouldn't be mapped
between the two corners concerned.  This information can be extremely
useful to navigation for the blind.

* Instructions generated by a blind-navigation program, particularly
when based on data with streets and sidewalks separated, should almost
certainly include instructions like "Cross Drury Lane".

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