[Tagging] Tagging Scheme Recommendations: highway=path, footway, trail?

lkytomaa at cc.hut.fi lkytomaa at cc.hut.fi
Fri Aug 27 06:48:47 BST 2010

>> > That is not how it is described in the wiki:
>> Then the wiki is wrong.
> I agree with Cartinus here: the wiki is wrong. Path is not necessary
> for non-motorized vehicles.

Highway=path alone, with no access tags at all tells nothing
more than "not for anything motorized". It doesn't say anything
about the width, surface, predominant users, legal status.

With snowmobile=designated or moped=yes or what ever you want to
use, highway=path can then describe something that does allow
motorized vehicles.

Assisted bicycles have specific limits to their construction,
which allow them to be legally no different from regular bikes.
Most countries would consider them mopeds if the limits are
exceeded (assist works only when pedaling, and never above 20-25

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