[Tagging] sidewalks

lkytomaa at cc.hut.fi lkytomaa at cc.hut.fi
Fri Aug 27 07:06:43 BST 2010

> contra arguments:
> - renderers possibly render more than one name for one street. To solve that

It's not (only) a rendering issue. The name of the road is
"Foo street", but the sidewalk doesn't have a name of its
own; it shouldn't be named.

If people feel it's necessary to "tie" it to a specific nearby
way, go for some other tag; sidewalk_of=Foo street ? Some have
proposed relations for making up whole streets, but it hasn't
gained much use with house numbering - most use the tag
addr:street - so I doubt it would happen with sidewalks, either.

With current tools it's not possible, but could be, to find
the nearest parallel "proper" highway for any footway
with the tag footway=sidewalk (or, the alternative I have been
using is sidewalk=this) - where there isn't a
barrier=retaining_wall in between, if it has a choise; some
south european hillside towns have peculiar old streets where
that last condition might make a difference.

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