[Tagging] [OSM-talk] Tagging Scheme Recommendations: highway=path, footway, trail?

Lauri Kytömaa lkytomaa at cc.hut.fi
Fri Aug 27 07:31:57 BST 2010

>It's not detailled enough. A path is too narrow for a 4
>wheels vehicle like a car but not for a 2 wheels vehicle
>like a moped or a motorbike (or no

While that is often true, the criteria goes the other way:
- if the way is too narrow to fit a car (hey, my summer
   car is only 1.48 m wide) or a tractor, it can't be a
   highway=track, but is a footway, bridleway, cycleway
   or a path
- not all paths are too narrow for four wheel vehicles;
   many of the things some country guidelines recommend
   to tag as highway=path + bicycle=designated etc. are
   3 to 5 meters wide.
Given a random ... linear thing you cross in the forest,
without any knowledge of the restrictions possibly posted
at the ends, you can be sure it's anything from path to
bridleway if it's not wide enough; but not the other way.

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