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2010/8/27 Alberto Nogaro <bartosomail at yahoo.it>:
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>>2010/8/26 David ``Smith'' <vidthekid at gmail.com>:
>>> * If a street has its sidewalks mapped separately, the street itself
>>> should probably be tagged with foot=no.
>>-1. "no" is too strong: pedestrians are never forbidden to go on a
>>road (except for motorways, at least in Italy).
> Not really. In Italy pedestrians are forbidden to walk on any road, when
> paths (such as sidewalks) designated for pedestrians are available. They are
> only allowed to walk on a road when designated paths either don't exist or
> are some reason unusable (see Codice della strada, paragraph 190, clause 1).
> I don't know about other countries, though.

Leaving aside the distance between the Codice and reality (the whole
art. 190 makes me smile if I think of what happens every day on the
roads :-) ), if you go on to comma 2 you'll notice that pedestrians
may cross the road anywhere, if there's no crossing less than 100 m
far. Also, art. 191 explicitly states that drivers must give way to
pedestrians who already began to cross the road - which is often
contradictory, as pedestrians *ought* to give way to drivers instead
according to art. 190. So, yeah, you shouldn't walk on the road, but
if you're on the road you've got a sort of "right of way". Which,
again, is far less restrictive than foot=no.

Also, for roads without separate sidewalks, pedestrians are allowed to
walk "along the border of the carriageway". What should we do, add a
footway that runs along the border of the street, tagging it so that
we understand it's not a real sidewalk, but it's sort of a sidewalk,
in that pedestrians *ought* to walk there, but it's an indefinite
place, and also...? - you get what I mean.

> Regards
> Alberto



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