[Tagging] Non Proposed Features

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Fri Aug 27 17:33:22 BST 2010

OK so I try a short summary of the discussion:
-We are all free to choose tag:key combinations but want to use 
representative models for our ideas.
-Long time ago the feature list was founded to collect the most common 
ones as guide/reference. It has to be only a selection and can never 
cover everything. Nevertheless it's not a standard it just contains the 
picked features for a problem with the highest coverage/aggreement
-To support the evolution of features we have the Proposed Features list 
to bring your ideas into a form.

Feature ideas grew up by different sources: (local) mailinglists, 
forums, wiki, usage in the wild).

Editors/Renders help a feature to get more popular.

The current situation seem to be:
-most common features in Map features list but there are differences in 
-ideas were still created at different channels
-the proposal process is stagnant, there are very old proposals never 
finished. Mostly no reviews, during votes no constructive critics. In 
general the most mappers don't care about this process.
->A group of mappers disagreed
-some new features were added directly to the lists. Some with bigger 
impact, some with less so there are upcoming discussions.

We talked a lot about possible consequences,... so let's just try a 
different approach:
How can we improve this process?
How can this be done independent from the communication media?

nice weekend

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