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In other words, you are saving that the ground shows many paths, made by both humans and cows.  If the only place where the ground was trodden down enough to be bare or sparse were along the footpath, you would have the situation that M∡rtin described.

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  On 28/08/2010 10:51, M∡rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> You can actually see informal footways/paths quite well in aerial
> imagery. If they are there and you have good resolution images.
> Usually the grass is aside then, because grass doesn't grow where
> people (or animals) walk. It disappears even if it was there before.
Your eyesight must be better than mine - often where I walk paths are 
marked by a footpath sign or just a stone squeezer stile at either side 
of a field.  Any marks left by walkers would get obliterated by cows 
going back and forth twice a day.

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