[Tagging] No proposal labeling

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 08:20:42 BST 2010

2010/8/29 Matthias Meißer <digi_c at arcor.de>:
> Cause the mentioned facts hit. So we can have an overview tool to manage the
> map feature list better.

How does having a proposal page help with this at all?

>> Why is it so important that there is any proposal page?
> It's not. As explained on  the template page itself we try to give the wiki
> an better order.
> So we have features:
> -that are common, in use, voted,....
> -that are under construction on /proposal and wanted to get voted
> -that are under construction but not for vote but for a documentation

There are people using tags from rejected proposals, so knowing if a
proposal exists for a tag doesn't seem to really help/matter at all.

> IMO thats not a problem(well known or heavy in use), we just need a way to

It should matter because you keep claiming unless a proposal exists
the tag is in some way inferior or less used, this seems to be a false
assumption since you just said it doesn't matter if well known/well
used tags have a proposal page.

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