[Tagging] No proposal labeling

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Sun Aug 29 09:36:54 BST 2010

Ok I think we are turning into a cicle.

 > So you are planning to tag pages as having no proposal if they, are
 > less used or provokes conflict?

 > What has any of that have to do with having a proposal page at all

What I try to improve is the Wiki, just the wiki and within this step 
the map features related pages.

Currently there are only 2 major lists: map features; proposed features

I would like that map feature page extensions are taken with care cause 
for new ones they look like standards (even if they are not) and we all 
use them as lookup reference.
Mention a tag there will result in spreading this tag over translated 
pages, becomes more popular in the wild,....

Therefore I labeled tags that are new, not very wellknown, not designed 
in a team or provoking conflicts with {{no proposal}}. To have a list of 
items we can talk about if we want to move them (maybe not to /Proposal 
cause they doesn't wan't to get voted for, but out of Map features).

> How does having a proposal page help with this at all?
It's not about having a proposal page or not. It's IMO to have a better 
map feature list and a ordered procedure how to get there (vote, high 
usage,  clean design).

> There are people using tags from rejected proposals, so knowing if a
> proposal exists for a tag doesn't seem to really help/matter at all.
I can't judge whats good and what not.I'm sure nobody can...
But I like a clean list that doesn't confuses the newbies of how 
something is tagged and to get some order in the process for the 
mentioned pros here:


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