[Tagging] Non Proposed Features

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 10:06:14 BST 2010

On 29 August 2010 18:59, Cartinus <cartinus at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> It might work fine in this case, however if it's a bad idea, for what
>> ever reason, and it needs to be changed in future, it's almost
>> impossible at present. So the point at which tags are created is the
>> only point in general to have these discussions to make sure it
>> doesn't need to be changed in future.
> Then maybe you should stop sabotaging these discussions. Because the way you
> (and a select few other people) are currently having these discussions is
> utterly off-putting to a lot of other people. By scarring/irritating so many
> people away you have effectively broken the tagging mailinglist.

As far as I can see I made an on-topic, completely valid/relevant
comment, and you drag things completely off topic and start making
personal accusations/attacks rather than respond to my comment.

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