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Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Tue Aug 31 13:29:28 BST 2010

On 27.08.2010 00:11, Peter Wendorff wrote:
> Only using the relations I fear your problem is not solved, too:
> Consider a street where at the side is a sidewalk, and in between
> constantly changing a strip of grass, parking line, both of them, nothing.
> How would you render that only using tags or relations?

I assume that these features would be tagged as lanes or dividers in a
true multilane model, so I would render them in the same manner as other

But you are right about the assumption that it should be possible to
combine your model with ideas from multilane approaches, so we will
probably be able to fit dividers into your model somehow, too.

I wouldn't even recommend that you try to do this right now: I suspect
that one of the reasons why we don't yet have lane tagging despite
discussing it for more than two years is that we are trying to do too
much at once. So it's probably best if you popularize your style of
sidewalk mapping first.

>> Could you describe crossing layouts in more detail? I assume you would
>> model them like this
>> A  B  C
>> |  |  |
>> |  |  |
>> *--o--*
>> |  |  |
>> |  |  |
>> where A and C are sidewalks, B is a road, and *o are junction nodes.
>> So how would you tag the horizontal way? May I suggest that it is tagged
>> differently from A and C to make it easier to distinguish in software?
> Currently I don't tag it differently. It's a footway/path as the
> sidewalks are, too.
> Any ideas how to call the crossing-way?
> Highway=crossing is ambiguous with the crossing node itself and
> therefore I would like to find another tag here.

One option would be to use highway=footway/path just as with sidewalks,
but a different subtag (footway=crossing or path=crossing instead of
footway=sidewalk) for the crossing ways.

Maybe you or someone else can suggest a better naming - I care about
being able to distinguish the crossing ways from the "real" sidewalks
(because they clearly need to be handled differently), not so much about
the exact tag names.

Tobias Knerr

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