[Tagging] Waterway direction

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> Nathan Edgars II wrote:
>> Adding a oneway tag explicitly says that it flows that way.
> Please please don't do that.
> Navigable waterways do sometimes have oneway sections for boats. For
> example, it's common on river bridges for one arch to be devoted to 
> upstream
> traffic, another to downstream.
> The oneway tag is useful for this in its traditional use as an access
> restriction. Please don't destroy its utility by repurposing it for
> something different entirely.


The OSM convention for water flow is that it flows in the direction the way 
is drawn, and probably in 95% of cases that's all that's needed.

If the flow direction is both ways (as I understand some places might be - 
though I cant think how), or the flow direction is unknown then a tag such 
as  flow_direction: both|unknown might be of some use.


> cheers
> Richard
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