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John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 07:55:41 GMT 2010

On 1 February 2010 13:19, Anthony <osm at inbox.org> wrote:
> Now, I'm all about real world examples, so here's one:
> http://maps.google.com/?ll=28.083511,-82.505397&spn=0.000721,0.001155&z=20
> Take a look at the Northbound traffic.  You have three main lanes of
> traffic, two left turning lanes on the left, and a right turning lane on the
> right.  You also have an entrance/exit to a shopping area on the right.
> Now, good lane-based navigation software is going to let you know to get
> into (or avoid) the right hand turning lane well before the shopping area
> entrance.  This is not a six lane road, it's a three lane road with three
> additional turning lanes.  However, traffic exiting the shopping area is not
> limited to the right turning lane.  It can certainly enter the three main
> lanes, and if you're feeling lucky (or if it's a low traffic time of the
> day), can even make it into the left turning lanes.  This is a great case
> for mapping lanes, and it's a tricky one to get right.

Problem number 2... Shibuya Station in Japan..



9 Railway lines/platforms

Trunk road going over rails

expressway going over rails

pedestrian deck

I just remembered, that nodes attached to ways have the following XML

  <way id='-7' visible='true'>
    <nd ref='-2' />
    <nd ref='-6' />

What's to stop us tagging the node reference with a width?

  <way id='-1' visible='true'>
    <nd ref='-1' width='50' lanes:left='2' lanes:right='3' />
    <nd ref='-2' width='40' lanes:left='2' lanes:right='2'  />

This is tagging the way, but at the node references.

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