[Tagging] Race track

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Mon Feb 1 11:43:47 GMT 2010

Roy Wallace wrote:
> I've created a MP with highway=racetrack. I haven't marked centerlines
> yet: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/399272

That's a small track. Karts I assume?

> Ah I see... hmmm it works, but it seems a bit strange. I feel like I'm
> marking a highway=raceway, not a highway=racewaybank... I'd hate to
> have to invent a new tag for every feature that I want to mark as an
> area (and as a way)...

OK, as as suggestion, how about:
As the track will be the entity most people would expect to see on the 
map, tag that as highway=raceway.
Tag the way as some like highway= 'racing_line'. I looked at the image 
of it in nearmap & you can clearly see that defined in rubber.
This would cause a problem if width=* was added & the render used it, 
but would be avoidable if the ways & mp's were related as you suggested.

Creating a new tag is not a problem, especially if it's solving a 
problem that hasn't yet been solved.

If you were into mapping race tracks & depending on how detailed you 
want to go, you could add tags like speed, gear & G force to the 
appropriate points on that way & produce a track guide.

>>> I think it would be prudent to explicitly state this relationship
>>> between the way (giving centerline) and the MP (giving area)...with a
>>> relation. I think we could use [1], with type=area, role=center (for
>>> the centerline way) and role=area (for the MP).
>> This is new to me. What advantage would this bring?
>> Out of curiosity was this discussed in any of the forums (Not that it
>> had to to gain approval, of course)?
>> Any working examples?
> New to me, too - I found it via search. Note that it's still only in
> /Proposed/. 

It's not been commented on either. I'm not sure if this proposal is 
widely known about.

> The advantages would be
> 1) No need to invent a new tag for each tag with an area-equivalent
> (e.g. river vs. riverbank)
> 2) Gives users the option to use the way representation (for e.g.
> routing) or the area representation (for e.g. rendering), while also
> knowing that the two representations refer to the same entity. Tags
> applying to the entity (e.g. the name of the race track) could be
> applied to the relation only rather than (redundantly) to both
> representations.
I'm going to have to have a think about this...

Dave F.

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