[Tagging] Race track

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Feb 1 12:20:27 GMT 2010

On 2/1/10 6:43 AM, Dave F. wrote:
> OK, as as suggestion, how about:
> As the track will be the entity most people would expect to see on the
> map, tag that as highway=raceway.
> Tag the way as some like highway= 'racing_line'. I looked at the image
> of it in nearmap&  you can clearly see that defined in rubber.
i personally would be somewhat wary of trying to map the racing line. it 
may be well
defined for tracks like kart tracks that principally see one type of 
car, but it's less so
for tracks that see a variety of car & tire types.
> If you were into mapping race tracks&  depending on how detailed you
> want to go, you could add tags like speed, gear&  G force to the
> appropriate points on that way&  produce a track guide.
once again, varying car types. a Formula V may be open wheel just like a 
Atlantic or a Formula 3, but speeds, gearing, etc, are not even remotely 


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