[Tagging] ref tags and "reference routes"

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Wed Feb 3 15:29:46 GMT 2010

Richard Welty wrote:
> administratively, a reference route is no different from a 
> conventional signed route number. from a practical point of view, you 
> almost never see a reference  route on a sign. what we come back to is 
> "tagging for the renderer", if we put the reference route designations 
> in a ref tag, they'll show up in the renderers as if they were on 
> signs, and there will be no way for logic in the renderer to ever tell 
> when  they should or shouldn't be rendered.
Does the type of road make a difference?  Route shields might only be 
shown on, say motorway, trunk and primary roads.

Cheers, Chris

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