[Tagging] ref tags and "reference routes"

Alan Mintz Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.Net
Wed Feb 3 21:33:55 GMT 2010

At 2010-02-03 06:19, Richard Welty wrote:
>so should a reference route designation that isn't on a sign go in a ref
>tag or not? the wiki doesn't
>discuss this. if ref shouldn't have this, perhaps a variant on ref is

I would say the question is "what happens when one of these routes is 
adopted as a state route and then signed?"

If it retains the same route number as this "reference route", and is then 
signed that way, I would say that ref is the appropriate tag.

Otherwise, a separate tag seems correct, since we may ultimately have to 
carry both IDs.

I might put parentheses around the value if it is not currently signed that 

Alan Mintz <Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.net>

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