[Tagging] tag proposal "image=http:/... .jpg"

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 6 17:44:50 GMT 2010

Am 06.02.2010 17:38, schrieb Tobias Knerr:
> Ulf Lamping schrieb:
>> Am 05.02.2010 12:26, schrieb Tobias Knerr:
>>> Sam Vekemans wrote:
>>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Image
>>> The problem with this proposal is that there isn't a definition which of
>>> the several images that likely exist for most objects should be
>>> referenced. And I expect that it would hard to create one, as there
>>> aren't any remotely objective criteria defining /the/ image for an
>>> object - it can always only be /an/ image of the object.
>> This misses the point. In Wikipedia there's also no "definition which of
>> the several images that likely exist for most objects should be
>> referenced", but Wikipedia has a lot of geo related articles with an image.
> Imo, this isn't applicable for OSM because of two central differences
> between OSM and Wikipedia:
> 1. OSM collects raw data. Wikipedia does not.
> 2. OSM has many different uses. Wikipedia has wikipedia.org.


There are conceptual differences between WP and OSM, but the underlying 
problem stays the same. Choose one "prominent" photo representing the 
object. WP can do it, so I don't see a good reason why we can't.

>>> My opinion is that personal preferences like that shouldn't be part of
>>> the OSM database. No "my favourite Sunday walk" route relations, no
>>> subjective "food=extremely_tasty" for restaurants, and no "my favourite
>>> image of the object" either.
>> There's a big difference between the subjective "my favourite walk" and
>> the objective "this is a picture of the object".
> It's objective information that "this is a picture of the object". The
> choice of the image is, however, highly subjective, as many other
> pictures of the object exist.

But that doesn't really matter, that's what I wanted to point out with 
the Wikipedia comparison. Yes, there can only be one photo to represent 
the OSM object.

The image tag represents an image of the object, not necessarily the 
best possible image ever made.

> Similarly, it's objective information that my favourite walk is a route
> from X via Y to Z.

No, if you tell me this, you could simply lie to me :-)

Regards, ULFL

P.S: BTW: It doesn't really matter what you think about it! People will 
use image=xy anyway as they already do ;-)

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