[Tagging] source:geolocation?

Cartinus cartinus at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 19 00:05:45 GMT 2010

On Friday 19 February 2010 00:36:45 John Smith wrote:
> when you can just tag the object based on the
> sources used to create or modify it.

This is all nice and fine for the short term in those areas where you are 
filling in a blank map. But over time more and more people will be editing 
existing objects where this simple approach simply won't work.

To give an example:
There is this convention centre where the building is drawn from 
source=whatever_aerial_image. Then they build an extention on the south side. 
So someone changes *part* of the shape of the building from 

Just putting those two sources semicolon separated in a tag isn't telling you 
what happened or what is the source of what.

Source tags are outdated. One of the main arguments for introducing the 
changeset tags was that source tags on objects are not "good" enough.


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