[Tagging] opening hours

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Feb 21 12:15:27 GMT 2010

  I've been left pondering for a while on how to accurately describe
  weird opening hours, things like a church might only operate on the
  third sunday of a month, however opening hours tagging currently only
  allows for days of the week and hours during the day.

  Has anyone else come across something like this, and if so how did you
  deal with it?

vcalendar/icalendar can express things like this.  IMHO OSM try to
follow existing practice as much as possible, so using something which
maps as closely to vcalendar/icalendar as possible would be best, but
the actual wire format may be icky, so something that's a human-readable
version could be used instead.
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