[Tagging] opening hours

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 13:35:48 GMT 2010

On 21 February 2010 23:31, Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com> wrote:
> True, but things can't be both obviously human readable and
> compact/unambiguous.  The real goal in tags isn't "human readable" but
> "nerd readable", and I think that once someone learns that Su[1] means
> "first sunday", they won't have trouble.

Lets face it, the editors will eventually hide most of the nerd tags
and convert to multiline dialog boxes the more people use something,
so I'd agree with this as well, also numbers are much easier for
people in non-english speaking background, than using english
postfixed text, st/nd/rd etc...

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