[Tagging] Love Hotel

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Fri Jan 8 00:10:59 GMT 2010

Arlindo Pereira wrote:

> Hi there,
> 5 months ago I started scratching a new tag amenity=love_hotel [1].
> Since there was no recent activity, I think it's time to call your
> attention one more time to it and start voting. What do you think of
> it? The page explains itself (I think), but a love_hotel ("motel" in
> Brazil, different from motel elsewhere) is a hotel where people go
> exclusively to make love. The decorations, TV channels and so on are
> very different from a regular hotel, hence a new tag (and not specific
> sub-tags).

amenity=motel, rates=hourly?  *ducks*

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