[Tagging] What's a power=station?

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Mon Jan 18 08:19:05 GMT 2010

On Mon, 18 Jan 2010, Ulf Lamping wrote:
> Am 18.01.2010 04:47, schrieb Alan Mintz:
> > At 2010-01-17 19:33, Steve Bennett wrote:
> >> According to the wiki "map features" table, a "power=station" is "A
> >> tag for electricity stations. Wires from power lines come in or go out
> >> here."
> >>
> >> Two questions:
> >> 1) Does everyone use it this way? Without having looked at the table,
> >> I would have guessed that a "power=station" was a power plant (ie, a
> >> coal, or gas or whatever plant that generates power), whereas that
> >> appears to be a "power=generator".
> >> 2) What is a "power station" exactly? I think I know the type of thing
> >> it's referring to (although I have, perhaps mistakenly, called these
> >> "sub stations" in the past). What does it do? Does it simply convert
> >> high voltage down to lower, consumer-level voltage?
> >
> > This is another one of those areas where OSM terminology differs from
> > that used in the US, or maybe is just plain wrong. The utility companies
> > that own the typical ~1 acre step-down/switching complex, fed by
> > "high-voltage" lines (>100 kV), do indeed call them sub-stations. I have
> > adhered to the wiki, though, in tagging them as power=station.
> >
> > I use substation for the occasional, smaller, usually single-user complex
> > with just a few transformers, fed by lower voltage lines (usually 12-60
> > kV in the US I think).
> >
> > Unless people have largely ignored the wiki in practice, I'd suggest
> > leaving it as is, in lieu of having to globally analyze and fix existing
> > tags.
> The wiki has a definition of the tag and a photo of what it's meant.
> It's not a good idea to trying to "globally fix" stuff. These tags are
> in wide usage, so "I'll just change the Wiki" means: "I'll change the
> meaning of tags that a lot of others before intended differently". But
> people will continue to use the tag the "old way".
> In the end this means you can't distuinguish if the former or latter
> meaning of the tag is used for a specific entry in the database. You'll
> just "burn the tag"!
> This is a very bad, bad idea - even if the wording might be slightly wrong.
> Remember there are 20000 active mappers out there having a specific idea
> about that tag in their head,
that's a furphy ( http://bit.ly/7fbGMz )
none of know how many mappers are using the tag at all
so how about we figures from Tagwatch ?

> there's also software that's using the
> definitions as in the wiki already.
> Regards, ULFL

Redoing the tagging, and leaving the disputed tag out of the new scheme is a 
way to go forward.
I don't have Randy's qualifications, but to me a "power station" means 
potential energy in and electrical energy (plus waste heat) out.
The area on the ground containing transformers that step down from high 
voltages to medium voltages is a "substation"

So we can ignore power=station
and have electricity generation plants, with subkeys for oil, gas, coal, 
nuclear, wind, methane, whatever 
have substations 
and have transformers


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