[Tagging] Dutch cafes (was: What's a power=station?)

James Livingston doctau at mac.com
Thu Jan 21 09:20:25 GMT 2010

On 20/01/2010, at 6:44 PM, Peter Childs wrote:
> Cafe, Bar, Pub etc.
> The line is weather it sells Beer, or other Alcoholic Beverages,

As another data point, here's what I define them as in Australia - not guaranteed to be the same as other .au definitions:

Restaurant - Place to go and get a meal, often serves alcohol too but you don't go there just for the alcohol (often enforced by licensing restrictions).
Cafe - Similar to the above, but does "snack" food (small pastries etc.) and coffee more often and alcohol less.
Bar - Place that serves alcohol. May serve food too (especially snacks), but you don't go there just for food.
Pub - Serves food and alcohol, can go there for either alone. Often behaves like a bar when late and the kitchen is closed.
Coffeeshop - Serves coffee and often snacks. Less likely to go there for food without coffee (e.g. Starbucks)
Hotel - Often accommodation and a pub. In small rural towns, will be *the* accommodation, *the* pub, and may be the general store too :)

And then we get to Clubs, which range from "pub associated with a sports team/life savers/RSL" to the huge ones like the Bankstown RSL, which contains something like 8 restaurants, 5 bars and a few hundred hotel rooms.

I don't think we've ever going to get a consistent meaning of things like "cafe", since they've fairly vague distinctions from other things.

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