[Tagging] What do we map

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Fri Jan 22 11:33:49 GMT 2010

Mike N. wrote:
>> Has anyone created the opposite? A map with clickable hyperlinked POIs
>> that take you to the photo source?
>> Is this even possible?
> http://www.openstreetmap.pl/wp/?lat=51.2592412&lon=-2.1832964&zoom=17
>    This isn't my work, but I'm working with the original author to further 
> refine this and add a few minor features.
The principle of this looks excellent.

Personally, I find the graphics a bit 'in your face' but the panning & 
zooming is still good. When extras are added to online maps I find the 
slipperiness is compromised.

I didn't realize many of the streets in Westbury were named after 
horses, but with the white one up on the hill, it seems appropriate.

Dave F.

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