[Tagging] Offices/non-shop businesses

Woll Newall woll at 2-Islands.com
Tue Jan 26 22:51:41 GMT 2010

Does anyone have any suggestions for tagging business that are not  

I took a look in the wiki and the mailing lists but couldn't see  
anything (which is a bit strange, I would have expected someone to  
have asked before - maybe I looked for the wrong thing!).
I also took a quick look at the map/database in my local area but  
couldn't see any such businesses tagged at all, so I couldn't learn  
from example either.

I'm thinking of business that have offices/buildings, but they are not  
shops open to the general public, so "shop=..." doesn't seem natural.

A software development company
A company that provides office cleaning services
A call-centre
A company that designs widgets

They have offices, but they are not "shops" because they don't open/ 
sell to the general public walking off the street.

The appropriate land-use tag is "commercial" (defined as  
"Predominantly offices, business parks, etc."), so maybe such things  
should be tagged commercial=software_development,  
commercial=call_centre etc plus company name in the "name" tag?

  Is anyone tagging such things and if so is there some kind of  
consensus on how to tag them?


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