[Tagging] Offices/non-shop businesses

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 12:33:35 GMT 2010

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Woll Newall <woll at 2-islands.com> wrote:
> A software development company
> A company that provides office cleaning services
> A call-centre
> A company that designs widgets

Out of curiosity, what's your intention in tagging these things? I get
tags like "amenity=cafe" or "landuse=commercial, name=John's Software
Consulting", but what kind of applications might make use of knowing
that something is a software development house, but not knowing what
it's called?

Anyway, I like Liz's suggestion of tag first, then document and refine
the scheme later.


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