[Tagging] DE: telephone and 'Standortnummer' and the tag 'phone'

Jonas Stein news at jonasstein.de
Fri Jan 29 15:20:53 GMT 2010

in Germany most public telephones belong to the 'Deutsche Telekom'.
They have usually a label with a field 'Standortnummer 22100001234'

I was told until year 2003 you could call +49 for the country 
+Standortnummer without the '0's and the phone was ringing.

+49 221 1234

So today the Standortnummer is not the phonenumber any longer, but its
often tagged that way.

How should we tag the Standortnummer (wich is rather a serialnumber) 
from now on in Germany?

Kind regarnds,

Jonas Stein <news at jonasstein.de>

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