[Tagging] Race track

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Sun Jan 31 22:25:41 GMT 2010

Roy Wallace wrote:
> Thanks - exactly what I was looking for.
> I'm guessing the multi-polygon and the ways should both be tagged in
> the same way (i.e. highway=raceway, name=*, surface=*, etc.)?

You'd probably have the M-P's named after the circuit name 
(Watkins-Glenn) & the ways after what class of race they're used for 
(Grand Prix Circuit, Nascar Circuit etc).

Note that highway=raceway renders as a thick line in Mapnik so the track 
will appear wider than it actually is, but remember we're not tagging 
for the renderer.

An alternative might be to tag as this horse race course (substituting 
the obvious, of course)


> Is there really no tag needed to indicate to renderers that the width
> of the way is indicated by the multi-polygon rather than the way
> (centerline)?

No, not for the renderer, they only render what is tagged, not what is 
not tagged.

There is an argument for putting it into rivers though, to indicate what 
size of craft can navigate. Care has to taken to ensure that the way 
goes as near to the centre of the river to ensure the width doesn't 
bleed over the riverbank.

Post a link when you've completed it; I'd like to see the results.

Dave F.

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