[Tagging] Zone 30 (maxspeed)

Ben Laenen benlaenen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 18:10:24 BST 2010

Sebastian Klein wrote:
> usages tag
> ------ ---
> 944    zone:maxspeed=DE:30
> 631    zone:traffic=DE:30
> 516    source:maxspeed=traffic_zone
> 433    source:maxspeed=DE:zone30
> 152    zone:speed=30
> 140    maxspeed:zone=yes
>  40    source:maxspeed=zone30

Also add maxspeed:zone=school for a zone 30 which has the status of a "school 
zone" in Belgium (has the same zone 30 signs but with an extra traffic sign on 
top and has a special definition in our traffic code). There's also a 
"vacation zone", but I don't think anyone has been tagging those in a special 

btw, I created the maxspeed:zone= tag because it (a) allows extension to a few 
other zonal restrictions (no parking zone etc), and (b) allows extra values 
like "school".


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