[Tagging] What do others call this?

Simon Biber simonbiber at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jul 26 02:13:54 BST 2010

John F. Eldredge <john at jfeldredge.com> wrote:
> I think that  it is likely to lead to a great deal of confusion, since the 
>general  meaning of "cellar door" is any door leading into a building's cellar.   
>This does not necessarily mean that the building is a winery; for  example, most 
>houses in the USA that date back to 1950 or earlier have a  cellar.  The usual 
>terminology here is that a below-ground space that  is dirt-floored, or is 
>basically just an excavation, is called a cellar;  one that has finished walls 
>and floors, so that it can better be used  for storage or as living space is 
>generally called a basement.

Being under the category of tourism, it's not intended to be seen as the general 
meaning of any door leading into a building's cellar. In Australia at least, 
cellar door is a common and usual term for this kind of facility, which is open 
to the public at a winery.

To me, a cellar door is a kind of tourist attraction but it's also a kind of 
government-licensed alcohol vendor. One that is limited to a single 
manufacturer's products or what is produced in the surrounding vineyards. There 
will be salespeople who may spend a significant amount of time with a customer, 
allowing them to taste many wines or perhaps tour the wine-making facilities on 
site before making a purchase.

I'm not sure how the tagging should be done, but I think the connection with 
both tourism and retail (alcohol) need to be considered.


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