[Tagging] office=*

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Jul 28 16:19:12 BST 2010

> I'm confused because I was thinking that tags on Map_Features page
> were all approved tags..

  Sometimes even approved tags are not useful.   I tagged a  large number of 
approved contact:phone= , but found that OSM map data consumers I looked at 
all used the *disapproved* tag phone=.   Tagwatch shows more phone= than 
contact:phone=.   Practicality overrules at the end of the day.   Luckily 
for JOSM to make things easy, I did a mass change to the disapproved phone=.

  I've never understood the process either.  I started several shop= 
proposals which have been superseded by office= equivalents.   I don't see 
anything wrong with the office= tag, but some of the entries could use some 
additional information.

 - Should I just put a redirect to office= on the proposal pages?


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