[Tagging] emergency=*

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Thu Jul 29 17:59:21 BST 2010

John Smith wrote:
> On 29 July 2010 20:21, Ross Scanlon <info at 4x4falcon.com> wrote:
>> 1st October 2010
>> Gives time to get the rendering resolved.
> Does anyone have a problem, or see any problems, shifting the
> following tags into the emergency=* tag space?
> amenity=police -> emergency=police_station
> amenity=hospital -> emergency=hospital
> amenity=fire_station -> emergency=fire_station
> We can easily mass tag the above with dual tags until the cut off date
> at which point we simply remove the amenity tags.
Firstly, not all hospitals are emergency hospitals, so I think that is a 
bad idea.

Secondly John, you seem to have unilaterally decided to make this 
change, and actually implemented some of it in the course of an 
afternoon. Where did you get the mandate to change all the tags by all 
of the mappers who have entered these nodes etc?

Discussing this for a day on the Tagging list is not enough for you to 
make this change.

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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