[Tagging] [OSM-talk] emergency=*

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Fri Jul 30 13:18:10 BST 2010

> I thought most smart phone apps would mostly view map tiles, either
> OSM or Cloudmade?

   There are several apps now for the iPhone which also search POIs.   Some 
    -JOSM allows tagging whether banks include an ATM - I select this when 
the ATM is attached to the building or inside the lobby.    None of the apps 
I tried show these ATMs in a search for "ATMs".
  -  A search for ATMs shows a list of "ATM" in the search result - that's 
literal because the search is showing name= , which doesn't exist because 
JOSM only accepts operator= when tagging ATMs.   Therefore as an end user, 
you don't even have a brand name to look for.

> Although that seems to indicate it's a good idea to categorise things
> a little better, so that the apps or what ever don't need to know or
> care about everything in the category, as is the case with the
> amenity=* tags.

   In the end, any good data consumer needs to get 'down and dirty' into the 
wiki and OSM tags to be effective.  Just the restaurant category  is 
awkward - most people looking to eat just want an option to see all eating 
establishments within walking distance.   Because tagging is so subjective, 
there needs to be an option to combine

 , any of which could also serve food  while excluding all other amentity= . 
I don't see any value in creating a category of eatery= just to make the 
query simpler.


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