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On 30 July 2010 17:14, Ian Dees <ian.dees at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Emilie Laffray <emilie.laffray at gmail.com
> > wrote:
>>  While I follow this mailing list, I am pretty sure that many people
>> working in the OSM ecosystem is not following the change that fast. It means
>> that every one doing an app needs to do some significant work to make sure
>> that those new settings are taken into consideration. In the meantime, you
>> have effectively broken many applications, which is something which is very
>> bad.
> Not that I agree with the tags or the way that OP went about the change
> (I've already reverted the majority of his changes in my area), but the fact
> that your applications break when someone changes a tag is a sign that
> something larger is wrong with the system than a simple amenity/emergency
> tag change.
> The OSM ecosystem has always strongly favored ease of mapping (as opposed
> to ease of data consumption), but now that more data consumers are
> attempting to use our data maybe it's time to start thinking about how we
> can firm things up a little bit to give the data consumers something solid
> to work with.

That was my point. We have legacy tags which for better or worse are working
right now. This particular change doesn't look good as you are breaking
Firming up doesn't mean that we suddenly have to change all tags around. As
for the issue about data consumers, I believe to be partially a wrong
argument; I am myself a corporate user and my main beef was not the taggging
system but rather the wiki initially. I ended up using tagwatch to get a
better idea of what was used. We have been using OSM for now quite some time
and I am still regularly adding new tags. Amusingly enough, I suspect that
most people look at tools like tagwatch to know what to map in the end or
examples they found somewhere on the map, or presets from editors.
The fact is firming up doesn't mean changing drastically everything under
the pretense it is not consistent. Any change should be progressive, whether
we like it or not. I don't really care the current organization as the
system tends to stabilize towards one tag which is usually community based
(country based).

Emilie Laffray
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