[Tagging] [Talk-us] Aeroway=Aerodrome Modifier Tags?

Zeke Farwell ezekielf at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 15:26:56 BST 2010

Lots of good discussion here.  We seem to be split into two camps:

   1. Those who think an airport specific, verifiable, subset of of tags
   would be best
   2. Those who think a general importance tag with numeric values would be

Both have benefits and drawbacks in my mind.  Either way we will have to
define on the wiki exactly what "6" or "general_aviation" means.  I like
greg's breakdown of airports into 5 well defined types, although I'm sure
folks would want to debate the specific tag terminology.  I see no reason
why a very small airport that might be considered "minor" near a large
metropolitan area couldn't be tagged as "major_international" if it is the
only airport in a country.  It would meet the qualifications:  constant
customs and immigration, known within the whole country,  controlled
airspace and a tower.  For reference, my original 3 tier suggestion has less
detail on the high end, and would map to greg's like this:

Airport >>> major international, major, minor
Airfield >>> general aviation
Airstrip >>> restricted

I think a general importance=1,2,3,4... tag to serve as a renderer hint has
merit as well.  This could be used by many features in OSM.  It would always
be optional, and renderers would not have to use it.  It would be most
beneficial to general purpose renderer trying to fit everything on on map
like the current slippy map.  While true that a tag like this would not be
verifiable, I think that could be ok since it would just be an optional
supporting tag.  If folks want to purse a general importance tag it should
probably be spun off into a separate discussion.

We may not be in an either or situation here.  We need to decide if airport
classification is useful for anything other than a hint to the renderer to
avoid showing very minor airports at low zoom.  I originally brought this up
for that reason, but I imagine there may be aviation folks out there who
think a description of an airport's size/function/relative importance would
be useful info to have in the db.

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