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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 01:58:59 GMT 2010

Hi tagging@ list & talk-ca@ list.

Im working on the canvec map features and finding more ambiguities

What i have noticed is that the Garmin MapSource product as a nice
organized set of themes.  Similar to how CanVec is organized by
and also similar to how OSM has our own themes.


I would like to begin a Google Docs complex chart, which lists all of
the OSM tags that are used, and how they can be matched up with

I know that the .typ file can be changed.  As ComputerTeddy /
Lambartus / Openmtbmap / geofrabrik all have their own version.
However, across the board, there are some standards that can be seen.

ie. a fuel pump is 0x2f (Auto services)

0x01 	Icon: fuel pump	Gas Station 	Icon	Fuel Services - All Categories
Fuel Services - Auto Fuel 		Fuel - All Subcategories
Fuel - Auto Fuel 	Icon	Fuel 	Icon	Fuel Services

yet, on that wiki page, there is no link to

So on this GoogleDocs chart, i can list a yes/no & at what zoom levels
these map features show up on mapnik & cyclemap & osmarender.. or any
other map thats available.

Anyway, im working on the canvec features, so you'll see lots of edits
by me.   I think they are MUCH better than they used to be :-)  but
help of course is always needed.


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