[Tagging] [OSM-dev] Super-relations or not

Peter Budny peterb at gatech.edu
Mon Nov 1 16:30:15 GMT 2010

Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> writes:

> Peter Budny wrote:
>> If you want this to be the standard way of tagging things, then we 
>> NEED to get the tools up to spec.  I also noticed that Potlatch 
>> doesn't change the role from forward to backward when you 
>> reverse a way.  (JOSM does the right thing, though.)
> Patches welcome.

I'd love to try my hand at it... but it will have to wait until this
school semester is over and I have free time again.

In the meanwhile, e-mail debates about what ought to be the correct way
of doing things, whether or not it's supported currently, is all I can

But sure...you'll probably hear from me in a couple months when I get
buried in the code :-)
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Georgia Tech  \
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