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Eric Brelsford ebrelsford at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 17:31:31 GMT 2010

In New York, we have a host of organizations that hold classes but are not
schools of the kindergarten/primary/college framework. Some of these
organizations are free or allow bartering in exchange for education. Most
don't have full-time teachers. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these are nomadic,
but some do have or are working on finding permanent spaces.

Here are a few examples:


Similarly, I've been looking at features in Kibera, and there are places
where people are trained in, say, healthcare, but in a less formal format
than a school or college.

For all of these spaces, the classes are short-term and informal. Part of me
wants to tag them as informal training spaces (to avoid overloading
amenity=school), but I'm not too keen on bloating amenity=*, either, by
adding something like amenity=informal_training or amenity=informal_school.

I've also considered amenity=community_centre (too generic), and
amenity=social_facility (focuses on aid for the poor and drug-addicted, but
might adapt to this).

Does anyone have experience tagging such places? If not, any suggestions?

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