[Tagging] I started a draft on a new "main" key culture

M∡rtin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 18:34:33 GMT 2010

2010/11/7 Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net>:
> On 7 November 2010 17:09, M∡rtin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> IMHO we could simply start using it. Tools will get amended
>> "automatically", as soon as a substancial number of items is tagged
>> with it.
> As somebody who makes substantial use of the data, I would really prefer to
> see a proactive effort to update existing nodes/ways.

fine, then do it. I support this.

>> > of values and to clearly disambiguate between them. For example, how
>> > does
>> > one draw the line between art_gallery / museum
>> Yes, I committed a mistake here, was in a hurry, it better should be
>> museum:genre=art_gallery actually.  This is the way it is done in
>> theatre and it works well.
> We have to find some resolution to this! I completely disagree and think it
> may be a linguistic difference - nobody in the British art world would find
> your solution appropriate :-)

don't know. It seems that the british art world is not very active on
wikipedia then, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_gallery redirects to
art_museum ;-)

The museum article gives this definition that fits well with my own
one: "A museum is a building or institution that houses and cares for
a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic,
or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing
through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary."

As you can see, "artistic" is included.

>> > , between nightclub /
>> > music_venue,
>> are they relevant here?
> Well one is an accepted amenity but is arguably better placed in culture
> (nightclub), the other is another long-dormant proposal that is also a
> cultural venue. So yes, they're relevant.

well, not sure for nightclub if it is well placed in culture. We could
discuss about this, I'm not completely against but next you will
propose pubs to be entered as culture? Well, actually could be fine as
well. What do the others think?

> That is true, we will also need to describe for the avoidance of doubt when
> it is appropriate to mark a memorial as an art work and vice versa.

no, we will not have to IMHO, and we cannot. This has to be done on a
case-by-case judgement and there might always be room to see it either
way. I don't see this as a problem actually. The more details you add
the better a data consumer would be able to filter it out or in.


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