[Tagging] I started a draft on a new "main" key culture

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Nov 8 13:14:23 GMT 2010

On 11/8/10 6:41 AM, M∡rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> 2010/11/8 Tom Chance<tom at acrewoods.net>:
>> culture=art_gallery: a place where the primary purpose is the temporary
>> exhibition of art works for artistic appreciation
> _and_ who nevertheless sell art? saatchi for instance I'm not sure if
> the do it "principally for artistic appreciation".
i have shown works of photography in a couple of places.
none of the ones i have in mind were primarily museums, nor were
they primarily galleries, they displayed art as a sideline, to liven up
the place if you will. they allowed me to list prices, but selling
wasn't the primary goal either.

a gallery doesn't have to be a building by it self, it doesn't have
to be focused on selling (a false distinction in my book), it can
be 2 or 3 walls in a library, a cafe (i've shown in one of these)
a food store (i've shown in one of these) or a doctor/dentist's
office (i'm likely to be showing in one of these in the near future.)

not-for-profits devoted to the arts often have walls where
exhibits appear, sometimes with prices. the one i'm thinking of,
the Arts Center of the Capital District, is really more about
the studio space and classes. i think i tagged that as an arts_centre,
it seemed the logical choice at the time.

i don't really have any tagging suggestions to offer right this minute,
but i do think geek instincts are leading this discussion in the
direction of looking for bright shiny lines in the sand between
different things, whereas from experience i can tell you it's a
fuzzy continuum.

i do like the notion of the culture tag, as i agree with those
who feel the amenity space too big and much abused.

for transition strategy where tags are being changed, i
propose we standardize on an overlap period where both
tags appear for an interval (6 months?) while tickets are
opened for those systems (mapnik, osmarender, mkgmap,
etc) which need to adapt to the new tags. during the
interval, bots can periodically sweep looking for instances
of the old tags, and add the new tags. at the end of the
interval, the bots can be changed to remove old tags,
but they should continue to run occasionally looking for
mappers still using the old tags.


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