[Tagging] landuse for arboretum

Craig Wallace craigw84 at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 10 22:27:22 GMT 2010

On 10/11/2010 22:01, Richard Welty wrote:
> i'm currently doing the boundaries for the Pine Hollow Arboretum south
> of Albany NY.
> none of the current landuse/natural tags seem quite appropriate.
> landuse=forest
> and natural= wood are closest, but i'd hesitate to use either without a
> subtype
> tag indicating that it's specifically an arboretum (denoting a site
> where trees in
> a natural setting, not necessarily local to the site, may be viewed.)
> an arboretum sort of sits in the middle between the two classifications,
> it's managed in a limited way in that there are intentional plantings of
> interesting trees, but the management is limited in that dead trees
> may not be cleared, etc.
> i'm using landuse=forest for now, but would like to invite discussion
> of which main tag is really appropriate and what subtype tag might be used.

Wouldn't it be covered by leisure=garden? ie "Place where flowers and 
other plants are grown in a decorative and structured manner or for 
scientific purposes."
Its just it specifically focuses on trees, as opposed to flowers or 
other plants.
Maybe with a subtag to specify it is an arboretum? There is a proposal 
for extra tags for garden types: 

Though I do think that landuse=forest vs natural=wood is a mess. Better 
to just use one tag for any area covered by trees, then use extra tags 
for whether it is 'natural' or managed, what it is used for, and what 
types of trees etc.

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