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To expand upon my earlier example, imagine a sandy beach with some exposed rock outcroppings, and sand dunes with beach grass growing on them.  The entire area would be tagged with natural=beach.  Exposed rocks would be tagged with surface=rock, and the rest with surface=sand.  In addition, areas with beach grass would be tagged with landcover=beach_grass.  The reason for tagging areas with beach grass or other vegetation is that you are generally forbidden from driving on or otherwise damaging the vegetation, as this would allow the sand dunes to shift position when the wind blows.

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2010/11/16 Morten Kjeldgaard <mok at bioxray.dk>:
> surface is a property of something man-made, i.e. it's in the human
> geography domain. It makes perfect sense for roads and traffic
> infrastructure. As a matter of lingual preference, I also prefer "surface"
> to describe something 2-dimensional, i.e. I do not like e.g.
> surface=building. Generally, surface is the property of something else.

I partly agree, but surface is not limited to man made. There is also
the surface of a water body (lake, ...) for instance. Surface is about
the surface. I agree with your statement in your other post: surface
is not suited for soil, geology or anything else that is above or
below the surface. Surface is 2-dimensional, a very thin layer.


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