[Tagging] Groups of islands, how to tag?

Andrew Errington a.errington at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Nov 19 06:39:31 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I wish to tag an island with its name.  Except that the name refers to a
group of islands, and each of these islands have their own name.

Here it is, Dokdo off the east coast of South Korea.  I'd rather not let
this thread stray into political territory, so let's concern ourselves
with a howto.


The name is Dokdo (-do is Korean for 'island'), but this is the name of
the group of islands (two main ones and some smaller named rocks around
them).  There is no single island called Dokdo.  The two main islands in
the group are Seodo (Seo is 'West') and Dongdo (Dong is 'East').

In OSM each island is correctly named, but, no-one would ever search for
Seodo and Dongdo, nor would they expect to see these names on a map,
unless it's zoomed right in.

I tried to record this situation by making a relation with the two islands
and naming the relation 'Dokdo', but I don't know if this is the right
thing, and it's not rendered how I want it to be.

So I suppose there are two questions:

1) What is the correct way to tag a group of islands with their well-known
name when the names of the individual islands are not well-known or
commonly used and are different to the name of the group?

2) If the answer is 'use a relation', have I done it properly, and if so,
why isn't Mapnik rendering the name properly?

I would expect this to be a fairly common situation, but I can't think of
any groups of islands I can compare with right now.

Thank you,


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