[Tagging] Groups of islands, how to tag?

Richard Mann richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 14:18:14 GMT 2010

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 2:02 PM, M∡rtin Koppenhoefer
<dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2010/11/19 Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com>:
>> Probably use a multipolygon with place=island.


place=island is used to identify noteworthy places that are isolated
enough to justify a label at a low zoom. Unfortunately, people started
applying it to tiny non-isolated islands (eg in rivers), so the
rendering seems to be suppressed.

So it would be wrong to apply it to a single island in a group, and
correct to apply it to a multipolygon. Which doesn't mean it will be
rendered, however.

These, for instance are universally known as the Scilly Isles. Except on OSM.



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