[Tagging] quarries in engineering

Richard Moss richard at richardmoss.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 13:41:47 GMT 2010

on 05/11/2010  Martin Koppenhoefer wrote 

> 2010/11/5 Richard Welty  <rwelty at="" averillpark.net="">: 
>> On 11/5/10 11:05 AM, Richard Mann wrote: 
>>> Gravel/sand/clay come from river beds, generally. Quarries are when 
>>> you blast half a hill away. 
>>> But I'm not an engineer... 
>> gravel around here comes from excavating in the sides of hills 
>> that are actually piles of debris left by glaciers in a previous ice 
>> age. 
>> in the southeast US, clay comes from pretty much anywhere you 
>> use a shovel. 
>thanks for all your comments so far. 
>could a clay pit that is used only to excavate clay be put under 
>quarry, or would that be missleading? I know that these are all 
>open-cast mines, but the wikipedia entry for quarry seems somehow not 
>precise enough when it comes to delimiting the usage. 

I am an engineer :-)    (though not in the mining industry)
My Penguin Dictionary of Civil Engineering has
"quarry: An open pit from which building stone, sand, gravel, mineral, or fill is taken"
This looks a wide enough definition to include clay.


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