[Tagging] Interpreting "One feature, one OSM-object"

Willi willis at gmx.de
Wed Sep 22 13:24:34 BST 2010

On 22. September 2010 18:20 Andrew Harvey [andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com] wrote:
> If this is the agreed upon thing then it would be great if someone could 
> run a script that split the waterway tags from the boundary ones into a
new way.

On 22. September 2010 18:32 Pierre-Alain Dorange [pdorange at mac.com] wrote:
> There are several "school" for such situation (ie. boundary+river) :
> * some tell to redraw completly all things (node + ways) so that it can
> be later into several layers (if OSM handle layer someday).
> * some split boundary and add tags (reuse nodes and ways)
> * some redraw way using the same nodes
> All have advantage and disadvantage : numbers of nodes, creating dupe
> nodes (QA warnings), maintenance difficulty...

On 22. September 2010 18:37 Andrew Harvey [andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com] wrote:
> So this is an ongoing issue with no real concensus or agreement?

I would like to recommend to read 
especially written in bold characters " Also, things that you may read in
the Wiki are not a carte blanche for you to change everything so that it
fits the Wiki "rules". Individual mappers have every right to tag things
differently from what is stated in the Wiki, and it is not OK for anybody to
turn the suggestions contained in the Wiki into strict rules that are
applied automatically."

Happy mapping

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