[Tagging] Sports_centre, gym, dojo

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Apr 8 20:24:18 BST 2011

May will be sport and activity month for Project of the Week / Project
of the Month.

Some aspects of tags in this space are well understood and widely
used.  Can we clear up a few more of them?

might include racquet sport courts, a gymnasium, exercise equipment, a
running track and an ice hockey rink.

leisure=pitch, sport=* is well established.

What is the ideal tagging for a shop with exercise equipment for use.
Treadmills, stair climbers, stationary bikes, free weights and weight
machines for use by members.  Local slang here might call that a
"gym".  amenity=gym is used in ~400 locations with sport=gym and
leisure=gym each near 50.

Also locally, a "gymnasium" is a large indoor sport floor which can be
configured for multiple sports like gymnastics, basketball,
volleyball, murderball, etc.  taginfo says only 16 instances of
leisure=gymnasium are in OSM at the moment.  A lone gymnasium would
seem unusual around here.  They are typically included as part of a
leisure=sports_centre.  Does that match with experiences elsewhere?

Is the distinction between gym and gymnasium too fine?  Should
synonyms be found?

And what about martial arts dojos?  Amenity=dojo and sport=dojo are
rare indeed with only a handful of entries.  A dojo might be part of a
gym that has a sport floor or held as an event at a sports_centre.
Others are stand alone businesses.  Around here, they are often in a
retail store front, with a sport fioor of some sort, and changing
rooms.  They might also sell some of the tools or clothing associated
with the sport.  I'm inclined towards amenity=dojo,
sport=martial_arts, martial_art=$specific_art

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