[Tagging] How to tag reaches (segments of a waterway)?

Alan Mintz Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.Net
Sat Apr 9 22:34:00 BST 2011

At 2011-04-09 01:22, Andrew Harvey wrote:
>I would like to map some named reaches ("straight portion of a stream
>or river, as from one turn to another;") part of a major river.
>The river (e.g.
>) currently has both a riverbank area drawn, and a way down the middle
>of the river. To make things even more complicated, the way running
>down the middle of the river has both waterway tags and administrative
>boundary tags.
>I'm thinking the ideal way to map this (reaches + river + admin
>boundary) would be split the way into segments for each reach, tag
>each segment as waterway=reach, name=Foo Reach, then collect up the
>river segments into a relation which contains waterway=river, name=Bar
>River, and just leave the riverbank area as is. Not sure what to do
>with the admin boundary tags though.

IANAH, but I would say splitting the existing ways is correct, but they 
should retain all their existing tagging. It seems that "reach" describes a 
part of a "river" - they are not mutually exclusive, so waterway=reach 
would be the wrong approach. I would just add name:reach=blah to the 
specific named reaches. It's probably also useful to group the segments 
into a relation.

>I'm not sure what's best though. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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